PickApp PH

It’s been a while since our last post, but it was for a good reason.

Introducing PickApp! PickApp is an on demand pick-up and delivery┬áservice, which allows small to medium size entrepreneur’s provide delivery service to their respective customers. Less hassle, it removes the burden of hiring your own delivery staff, it also eliminates purchasing motorcycles or other vehicle just for delivery.

PickApp can also be used by private individuals, for their personal needs, like when they forget something at home but they are already at work.

We are currently doing our soft launch or beta test, PickApp is currently available for android devices, but will be available for iOS users very soon!

We hope that this app can help our fellow Cebuano’s in dealing with a simple yet time consuming problem.

PickApp can be downloaded from Google Play Store! We hope you can support locally made apps!


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